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POA President


By Bob Marthouse


As we move into Fall, your Board and our committees are efficiently working in the interest of our POA membership. In last month’s column, I wrote about the establishment of the Diamondhead 2020 Committee and its charter. While covenant expiration beginning in 2020 is a pressing issue, rest assured that your POA Board is meeting its fiduciary responsibility across all business lines. We’re working closely with our management team to review all our operations and ensure we’re operating at peak efficiency and delivering a high-quality product at a great value. Our new POA General Manager, Mr. Tom Koger, is in place and already effecting positive change.

The 2020 Committee is aggressively exploring all options available.  I have attended one of their meetings and addressed the Committee with my concerns.  I am extremely impressed with the approach the Committee is taking to look at all sides of the covenant expiration, not only 2020, but also beyond.  The committee has been looking closely at communities that have faced similar challenges and they are evaluating strategies incorporating the best practices found in the most successful large-scale association communities. As its first recommendation, the committee proposed at August’s regular meeting that the POA Board of Directors withdraw the pending litigation regarding covenant extension. After careful consideration, the board voted to take this action. The Committee will formally report additional recommendations to the POA Board in the very near future.  I encourage you to stay abreast of future meetings concerning the Diamondhead 2020 Committee.  We all have a stake in the future of the POA.  We look forward to the report out of the Diamondhead 2020 Committee.

As always, I encourage all POA members to attend all Board meetings.