General Managers Report

By Mark Boyd

November will continue to give us cool mornings and evenings and with pleasant weather during the day.  A good time to get out and have some fun.  We continue to get great reviews of our golf courses, recent tournaments have provided exposure to many players from outside the local area.  They have all commented on how they liked the greens on both courses.  The courts at Tennis World have also gone through some upgrades in the past few months, resurfacing the clay courts releveled them and provided a renewed playing surface. If you haven’t played either golf or tennis lately it would be a good time to get back into the game.

November also brings us two holidays that I feel are very important.  Veterans Day is the 11th, a time to recognize and thank those that served to in the military for the continued preservation of our Nations freedom. What makes this especially important is the recognition is for those still living.  Thanksgiving is on the 24th, a time when families converge for a feast and fellowship. I enjoy Thanksgiving because there is no expectation of gifts, just the anticipation of a good meal and quality time with loved ones followed by lounging in a chair or on a sofa watching a ball game after eating too much. 

For those that choose not to cook, the Club will have a Thanksgiving buffet, please check out Eli’s article for more information on this and the many other specials and events the club will be offering.

For those traveling we wish you a safe journey.