Diamondhead 2020

The POA board and our hardworking staff are continuing to develop plans to protect and preserve our way of life and property values. In pursuing those goals, the new Diamondhead Futures Committee had its first meeting and is pursuing an ambitious agenda aimed at finalizing new membership plans and options moving forward. Expect to hear more from the Futures Committee in the coming months and look for an announcement about another townhall meeting where the new plans will be announced and presented for member review.

Much work is still to be done, and we look forward to engaging the community in the process by including as many residents as possible. The Diamondhead Futures Committee appreciates those of you who are reaching out with questions, ideas, and suggestions.

Chairman, POA Director Gary Becker

POA Director Nicole Boisdore

Ricky Sheppard

Bob Pineau

Paul Guichet

We look forward to working with all of you to move Diamondhead forward.