It’s been a busy time for the Golf Course Maintenance staff!  We have installed an irrigation head on #12 fairway of the Cardinal;  480′ of 6″ drain pipe down the left side of #12 of the Pine; several catch basins down the cart path edge to catch the water as it comes down the hill which will allow us to stop the water from eroding the cart path edge.  Once the basins are completed we will be pruning the live limbs that are hanging over the cart path edge.  This will allow more sunlight to get to the turf and enhance turf quality.  After the limbs are removed, the staff will sod the area tha has been disturbed to enhance the playability.  The patches on the Cardinal greens are not diseases…it’s different turf type.  This turf could have come from the previous turf that was on the green.  It could revert back to its parent plant or it could be a new variety of ultra dwarf Bermuda grass.  It doesn’t affect ball roll or speed.


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