POA President


Pat Laird
POA President

As POA president, I’d like to thank one of our long-term employees for his thirty-two plus years of service.  His name is Jimmy Necaise, he has always worked in the Maintenance Department and he is retiring.  He has been a very good and faithful employee during his entire tenure of service.  Jimmy, thank you so much.

The board will be approving budgets for various amenities in our next meeting.  We are managing these assets as well as we possibly can.  We know that they are critical for the residents to enjoy.

This letter is going to be short because the board is just doing boring stuff:  approving budgets, hiring a new property manager, things that are ho hum.  

I hope that all of you enjoy the Mardi Gras festivities and stay safe attending the different parades here on the coast and in New Orleans.